Tech Team Application

Thank you for your interest in serving on our tech team.  The application is at the bottom of the page.

Below, you will see the different tech team positions, the expected times of service during one’s assignment, and the responsibilities with each position.  In the application, you can select as many areas as you are interested in serving within the team.

Tech Team Positions


Practice – Wed. 6 PM Soundcheck – Sun. 8:30 AM Service – Sun. 9:30 AM Service – Sun. 11 AM


Audio  Required Required  Required  Required Mix sound for practices and services
Producer  Required  Required  Required Oversee tech team, operate stage projection
Lights  Required  Required  Required Operate lights
Lyrics  Recommended  Required  Required  Required Select lyric slides for projection
Video Switcher  Required  Required  Required Second to producer, select projection for screens
Online Producer  Recommended  Required  Required Produce streamed service, direct cameras
Camera  Required  Required Operate camera