Pastoral Care Ministry

There are nearly 60 people that are involved with helping others within our church family. We believe that this ministry fulfills the mandate of Scripture and meets a need within our church. The Pastoral care ministry at NSBC primarily can be divided into 3 distinct areas:


Counseling: Counseling is available to our church members and to members of our community in the areas of:

  • Marriage
  • Financial
  • Emotional (Anxiety, Worry, Depression)
  • Grief
  • Guidance/Direction
  • Purpose (Finding your PLACE in life and Ministry)

Support Classes: Support or group teaching classes are offered at different times throughout the year. The classes cover the same topics as counseling (see above) but are conducted in larger group settings rather than a one on one meeting. This allows an individual to identify with others with similar experiences. Classes will be promoted through our normal promotional channels at least three weeks prior to the starting date.

Comfort: The “hands and feet” of the pastoral care ministry is made up of nearly 60 people that represent 4 different teams:

  • Deacons – Serves our members that are widows and/or members with long term needs. Our deacons interact regularly with our long term care members to ensure that their needs are being met on a continual basis and to provide comfort and emotional support for each long term member.
  • Hands Team – Supports our deacon ministry as well as other short term needs of church members by providing physical labor in various areas when needed. If you enjoy working with your hands or are willing to lift boxes, rake leaves, or cut grass, this is a great opportunity to serve
  • Meals Team – Provides support to our deacon ministry as well as other short term needs by providing meals to families that have been hospitalized, when a family has lost a loved one, or when other needs arise. This team also gathers together and cooks prepared meals that can be frozen and used at a later time. If you like to cook or if you would like to deliver a hot meal to others during their time of need, we’d love to have you.
  • Encouragement Team – Our encouragement team looks for ways to provide encouragement to both our long term and short term care members. This team remembers your birthday, extends sympathy, sends get well wishes, and celebrates the birth of a baby through sending cards on a weekly basis. If you are a “behind the scenes” person and would like an opportunity to connect with and encourage others through writing notes of encouragement, this is the team for you.

Each team plays a vital part into how we care for our church members. By being the “hands and feet, individuals are known by name and feel comforted and supported in their time of need. God has provided many people who are willing to serve others through these teams. However, we can never have enough. We believe there’s strength in numbers and not everyone is available at all times when various needs arise; so we need you! If you would like to be a part of one (or more) of these teams, please call Jamie Parler at extension 263 or email him at……. There’s room for you! Thanks.

Jamie Parler, Pastoral Care Pastor