Discipleship Groups

God never intended us to follow him alone.

He has given us each other to help live a life pleasing to Jesus. This is why we have created Discipleship Groups or D- Groups. D-Groups are small groups gathered for the purpose of studying the Bible together, praying for one another, and holding each other accountable. These groups are one of the primary ways we encourage discipleship and learn to grow in spiritual maturity. Groups meet throughout the week at different times and different places around the city. Some meet in homes while others meet on campus.  We seek to help all members connect with a group that will aid in personal growth. Our focus is to have all of the members  of North Side experience interaction with the body, build lasting relationships, become equipped in the necessary knowledge of Scripture to live a victorious Christian life, and to spur one another on towards love and good deeds.

We provide childcare on Wednesday evenings at 6PM to help with the large number of discipleship groups that meet on and off campus.  We also have groups that meet almost every day and night of the week.  If you would like more information concerning joining a discipleship group, Polly can help you.