Back to School…North Side University (NSU)

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In just about a week, students, of all ages and grades, will be embarking on another school year. For some, that will bring excitement and for others…not so much. Regardless, it is that time of year again. At North Side Baptist Church, we also are getting ready to “go back to school”…that is North Side University (NSU).

For several years, North Side has been offering doctrinal classes to better equip the members of North Side. Feeding (preaching and teaching) and protecting (from false doctrine) the flock (members) are two of the most important responsibilities of an elder or pastor. NSU is one of the main ways the plurality of elders of North Side attempt to carry out that responsibility. This fall, beginning on Wednesday night, August 17 and Sunday night , August 21 at 6:00 PM in the chapel, we will begin teaching a most important course for our church: Membership Matters. If you are member or are considering being a member of North Side, you need to attend this course. We have arranged the NSU schedule in such a way so that you can attend Membership Matters either on Sunday or Wednesday evening. You decide which best fits your schedule.

Being a member of God’s family (the Church) and specifically North Side Baptist Church, makes you part of a covenant relationship. That covenant is two-fold. God is in a covenant relationship with the people he has redeemed and the redeemed are in a covenant relationship with God and each other. The seriousness of this relationship is indicated when the apostle Paul compares Christ and his Church to the marital relationship of a husband and a wife (Ephesians 5).This alone is reason enough for all of us to desire to know more about this covenant relationship. In addition, North Side is beginning the process of amending our current covenant in an attempt to be as closely aligned with Scripture as we can. This class will be explaining the amendments to our current covenant. Please make every effort to attend this class either on Sunday or Wednesday evening for the first eight weeks of our new “school year”. I look forward to seeing you there and what God will choose to do with a flock committed to the his Word.

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