Solomon Asks for God’s Wisdom [Bible Reading 7/17 Week]

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Solomon prayed for wisdom, and God granted him incredible blessings in response. We see how he requested God’s wisdom, how he reigned in wisdom, and the blessings that resulted from his wisdom. We also see how desperately God’s people today need the wisdom and insight that only comes from walking with God.

  • 1 Kings 3:5-28; 4:29-34
  • 1 Kings 2 (Death of David)
  • 1 Kings 6 (Solomon builds Temple)
  • 1 Kings 7:1-12 (Solomon builds Palace)
  • 1 Kings 7:13-51 (Temple Furnishings)

Discussion Questions

If you are studying these passages by yourself or as a family, the following 3 questions can help you go deeper in understanding:

  1. What does this say about God?
  2. What does this say about us?
  3. What will we do about it?A Kingdom Established


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