Summer Group Icebreaker – Solomon Asks for Wisdom

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Many of our discipleship groups are combining all ages of the family for the summer.  It’s going to be a great time.

Each week, we will provide an additional icebreaker or two that can help incorporate some fun and fellowship cross-generationally.

Depending upon how your group is wired, you may use these or adapt them.  They are here to serve you if they can help your group.  The icebreaker is designed to introduce the lesson, and you will be able to get them to debrief the experience and move naturally into the lesson.

Depending on the ages of those in your group, the teaching time may not need to be that long.  That’s OK!  Make the time count, and intentional fellowship is not a bad use of your time either.  As a group, get into the Word, pray, and share life with one another!

Your Gospel Project books are available and continue on with the study so you don’t miss out on any week!

Give Yourself a Hand

Items Needed: Paper, markers or ink pens, safety Pins

You can either pre-make paper hands or have each participant trace their own hand on paper and pin it on their back. Then the whole group walks around and writes a one word POSITIVE description of the person whose back they are writing on. (ex. Nice, Pretty, Fun, Exciting, Loving, Kindhearted, etc.)

Allow enough time, depending on group size, for everyone to circulate. Then have students come up front and read what everyone said about them.

Explain how Solomon was encouraging his son with the words in Proverbs about traits that he needed to have in his life.

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