The King Who Needs a Savior [Bible Reading 7/10 Week]

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King David fell into sin and experienced all of its ugly consequences. In David we see sin’s capacity to enslave us and to motivate us to cover it up. But we also see the possibility of renewal through confession. As believers, we must see all of our sin as an offense toward God and rely on forgiveness available to us through the sacrifice of God’s Son in order to be restored.

  • 2 Samuel 11:1-7, 26-27; Psalm 51:1-13
  • 2 Samuel 12 (Nathan Rebukes David)
  • 2 Samuel 18 (Death of David’s Son, Absalom)
  • 2 Samuel 23 (Last Words of David)
  • 2 Samuel 24 (David’s Census, God’s Judgment, Altar)

Discussion Questions

If you are studying these passages by yourself or as a family, the following 3 questions can help you go deeper in understanding:

  1. What does this say about God?
  2. What does this say about us?
  3. What will we do about it?

A Kingdom Established



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