Summer Group Icebreaker – The Covenant Is Reestablished

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Many of our discipleship groups are combining all ages of the family for the summer.  It’s going to be a great time.

Each week, we will provide an additional icebreaker or two that can help incorporate some fun and fellowship cross-generationally.

Depending upon how your group is wired, you may use these or adapt them.  They are here to serve you if they can help your group.  The icebreaker is designed to introduce the lesson, and you will be able to get them to debrief the experience and move naturally into the lesson.

Depending on the ages of those in your group, the teaching time may not need to be that long.  That’s OK!  Make the time count, and intentional fellowship is not a bad use of your time either.  As a group, get into the Word, pray, and share life with one another!

Your Gospel Project books are available and continue on with the study so you don’t miss out on any week!

Week 5: The Covenant Is Reestablished

  1. Play Mother May I – One player plays the “mother”, “father” or “captain”. The other players are the “children” or “crewmembers”. To begin the game, the mother or father stands at one end of a room and turns around facing away, while all the children line up at the other end. The children take turns asking “Mother/Father, may I ____?” and makes a movement suggestion. For example, one might ask, “Mother/Father, may I take five steps forward?” The mother/father either replies “Yes, you may” or “No, you may not do that, but you may _____ instead” and inserts his/her own suggestion. The players usually move closer to the mother/father but are sometimes led farther away. Even if the mother/father makes an unfavorable suggestion, the child must still perform it. The first of the children to reach the location of the mother/father wins the game. That child then becomes the mother/father himself, the original mother/father becomes a child, and a new round begins.
  2. The Banana Surgery – This can either be played as a upfront game, or if you have a smaller group, you can have everyone play.  Have a team peel and cut up a banana into equal parts.  (Don’t tell them what comes next until they’re done.)  Then tell them they must put the banana back together using pins, needles, tape, or whatever.  The team with the best reconstructed banana wins.  If you do this with a big group, use a video feed to a big screen and time the “surgery” so it doesn’t drag.

The point:  Things taken apart (relationships, reputations, etc.) aren’t as easily put back together.

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