Knowing God’s Word is a Must for a Disciple of Jesus Christ

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Over the last 10 months, our church family has transitioned to using The Gospel Project in all of our Discipleship Groups. The plurality of elders made this transition in order to unify our church body in a common study of Scripture. In addition to this benefit, many of you have related to me and others that this unified curriculum has assisted in your family discipleship, as parents, children and even grandparents are all studying and learning the same biblical truths at the same time. As a staff pastor, this is exciting to hear! Even more encouraging is the fact that we are all leaning the value and necessity of knowing God’s Word as disciples of Jesus Christ.

We call our small groups Discipleship Groups for that reason: we desire to mature as disciples (followers) of Jesus Christ. The primary way we mature or grow is through the reading and studying of Scripture. Scripture is the living Word of God…it is His revelation to Man. What we know about God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit is revealed through His Word. Hence we not only grow in unity with our family, we actually are changed (matured) through the power of God’s Word in our lives. Once we are born again, the Spirit changes our desires, thoughts, and actions through the Word of God! That is great news for all of us! With that great news comes a responsibility: To live (as much as possible) as Christ lived. Ultimately, our lives should be lived in obedience to the truths of Scripture.

Our nation and our world is growing increasingly anti-Christian. That is not cause for hopelessness as a Christian. On the contrary, we have hope in Christ regardless of our nation’s and world’s circumstances. But, we have a responsibility to know and project the Truth to world that proclaims lies.

The link below was published in The Washington Post on January 22, 2016 by Colbert King. It is an example of what we all are going to face more and more frequently; and as Christians, we need to be able and willing to correctly defend true Christian doctrine. The article attacks the the Anglican Communion (organization of worldwide Anglican and Episcopal churches) for the suspension the U.S. Episcopal Church for ordaining same sex marriage. As you all know, same sex marriage is “old news” in the U.S.A., but it still is on the front burner of many evangelical (I use that term loosely) protestant churches. You may argue that you are Souther Baptist so why is this an issue? The issue is we don’t live in a bubble, or at least as disciples of Christ, we shouldn’t. We all have friends or family in churches (Episcopal, Methodist, Presbyterian USA, and others) that have decided to ordain same sex marriage or are very close to doing so. As a disciple of Jesus Christ, we must be able to articulate what the whole counsel of God (The Bible) really states. On the issue of marriage, the Bible is clear that God’s intent, in Genesis through Revelation, is for marriage to exist between one man and one woman. The world and sadly, some “churches” have decided that truth is too confining for our culture and anyone who thinks differently is a person of hate. We need to be able to defend the truth, and more importantly, articulate the good news of Jesus Christ and His love, not a watered down version of tolerance for sin, to the world.

Take a moment and read the article. Then, continue in your prayerful study of God’s Word and ask questions of other equipped Christians to better understand God’s truth. We need to be a church that engages our culture with the power of God’s Word…not one that hides the good news we have. Join me in praying for each other as we continue to create a culture of discipleship, not to just gain knowledge, but to take God’s revelation to combat the lies of a fallen world!

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