Grace Gathering Homeschool Co-Op

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In recent years, more families have investigated homeschooling as an educational option for their children.  As in any family endeavor, it is always beneficial to learn and partner with others.  That’s why at North Side, we are thrilled to have two different homeschool co-ops that meet weekly on our campus: Grace Gathering and Classical Conversations.

While these are not North Side ministries, we are happy to help families who desire to homeschool and thankful that our facilities can house these groups in addition to the North Side Weekday Preschool.

If you are considering homeschooling, we want to make sure we can network you with other families who desire the same thing.  Below is a video and a writeup for Grace Gathering.  If you are interested in more information, you can contact Stephanie Carter below.  Make note of the Prospective Members Day on Feb. 8th at 1:30PM.

Grace Gathering

My name is Stephanie Carter and our family has been homeschooling for five years.  This past year, a group of homeschooling moms and I got together and decided to form a homeschool co-op.  The name of the co-op is Grace Gathering and we currently have about 40 children enrolled that range in age from infants through 7th grade.  Our hope is to continue to offer higher level grade classes in the coming years.  We meet on Monday afternoons, right here at North Side.  We have been so grateful for the partnership of this church and their support of not only our co-op, but also their support in the calling to homeschool.

For those that may be wondering what a homeschool co-op is:  essentially we are a group of families that come together to help share to load of educating our children.

Co-op is a like a hybrid of education that takes the best aspects of a traditional school setting and combines that with the home environment where parents are the primary educators for their children.

Our students are divided by grade level and participate in classes like science, literature, and creative thinking.  The curriculum is carefully chosen to reflect the truths found in Scripture and to help our children connect what they learn through observation to the character of God.  When we meet as a co-op they receive in-class instruction, participate in group activities that may be difficult to duplicate in a home setting, discuss great literature and the choices that characters make, perform experiments, work together to solve open-ended problems, get messy in art, present projects, and complete tests and quizzes pertaining to their learning.  Our goal is to create and interactive, hands-on engaging environment that fully involves the senses.

In addition to the learning that happens in class each week, students also have homework assignments throughout the week that support the objectives covered by the teacher.   The class instruction and homework assignments combine to create a full curriculum for a particular subject area, allowing parents in a sense to take that subject off their plate at home.

In addition to our weekly meetings, we also plan field trips, park days, and mom’s night out events. One of our main goals is to foster a sense of community, support, and friendship for both our children as well as for parents.

Greenwood is unique in its percentage of homeschooling families and there are many resources available to help families who may be feeling called to homeschool.  If you are interested in learning more about Grace Gathering or homeschooling in general, we would love to get in contact with you.

I can be reached at  We have a Prospective Members Day planned for Monday, February 8th at 1:30 pm.  Please e-mail to RSVP or for more information.

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