Joseph and Reconciliation [Wednesday Bible Gathering]

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  1. Review Adam/Eve (God’s Intended plan, problem of sin, God’s ultimate plan)
  2. Nathan/Abigail (Sinful or unbelieving husband, faith of godly wife, God’s Sovereignty)
  3. Today: Story of Joseph and Family Reconciliation

Story of Joseph  (Overview)

  1. Gen. 25 > Esau sales Birthright
  2. Gen. 27 > Isaac blesses Jacob (Rebekah’s Deception)…. favoritism
  3. Gen. 32 > Isaac meeting Esau: order of children line-up… favoritism of Joseph
  4. Gen. 38 > Judah and Tamar (impregnates daughter in law)
  5. Patriarch Family marked by Dysfunction

Genesis 37:1-36 (Joseph to Egypt)

  1. Joseph is Jacob’s Favorite…. Rachel’s son; Tells brothers of his dream that they will serve him
  2. 37:8, 11 > Brothers hate Joseph, jealous of Joseph> Hate and Jealousy go together?
  3. 37:19-22 > Brothers plot to KILL Joseph; Rueben (oldest) at least saves his life
  4. 37:25-28 > Brothers sell Joseph to slavery for 20 shekels of silver (about 5 ounces)
  5. Eventually Joseph is sold to Potiphar in Egypt

Genesis 39 – 41 (Potiphar and Prison)

  1. 39:3 > God CAUSED Joseph to succeed in Potiphar’s court
  2. 39:23 > God CAUSED all Joseph did in PRISON to succeed!
  3. 40 > Interprets Cupbearer’s and Baker’s dreams
  4. 41:14-16 > Pharaoh called for Joseph to interpret his dream; Joseph gives God credit!
  5. 41:17-45 > Joseph predicts 7 yrs. Of plenty; 7 yrs. Of famine;
  6. Brothers reunite with him (22 yrs.)

Genesis 45:5 (Revealing of God’s Plan)

  1. 45:5 > Joseph tells brothers not to stress, because God sent him to Egypt to save life!
  2. Psalm 105:16-17 > Psalm of celebration restates Gen. 45:5

Genesis 50:19-20 (Revealing of God’s Plan)

  1. Jacob dead and brothers afraid of Joseph’s revenge
  2. 50:19 > don’t fear…you meant evil against me
  3. 50:20 > God MEANT it for Good…NOT “used it for good”
  4. God ordained the suffering!


A. Gen. 15:12-14 > God’s covenant with Abraham carried out through suffering of Joseph

B.  God worked His plan through “Spectacular Sin” > Joseph’s suffering saved people(s)

Joseph’s Reaction: Praise, not complaining

C. Foreshadowing Of Jesus: Joseph (a type) of Jesus

D. Acts 14:2 > “Through many trials, you enter heaven”:

All our family dysfunction, pain, struggles, damaged relationships, etc. > God “means” to “save” people through these.

Look for God in the midst of your dysfunction, hurt, etc. > He is the Reconciler! > Col. 1:15-20

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