Nabal, Abigail, and David [Tuesday Bible Gathering]

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  1. Review Adam/Eve, Original Sin
  2. Reminder of sin causing all our Dysfunctional Relationships; We all have them!
  3. Today: God working through a faithful spouse; God providentially working His will/plan

1 Samuel 25:2-38  (Background)

  1. 1 Samuel 9: Saul chosen King
  2. 1 Samuel 13: First mention of David
  3. 1 Samuel 16: David Anointed
  4. 1 Sam. 17: David/Goliath
  5. 1 Sam. 19: Saul tries to kill David
  6. 1 Sam. 24/26: David spares Saul

1 Samuel 25:1-8 (Nabal and Sheep Shearing)

  1. Nabal: Wealthy, married to Abigail (Beautiful & Discerning)
  2. Nabal was shearing sheep (Work and Festival time) in Carmel
  3. David sends 10 his 600 men to solicit goods from Nabal

1 Samuel 25:9-13 (Nabal’s Rejection and David’s Reaction)

  1. David’s men ask Nabal respectfully for assistance (Remind Nabal: good treatment his shepherds)
  2. Nabal refuses to give any assistance
  3. Belittles David with “Son of Jesse” comment…like Saul had done
  4. David’s Reaction: Readies 400 of his men for war…”Strap on sword”!

1 Samuel 25:14-17 (Abigail used by God)

  1. Nabal’s men tell Abigail how Nabal rejected David’s request
  2. 25:14 > “RAILED”…flew, pounced!….men verify how David helped them in wilderness
  3. 25:17 > Nabal’s man calls him “a worthless man”… literally “son of the devil”! 

1 Samuel 25:18-22 (Abigail’s Reaction)

  1. Abigail sends David and his men relief supplies
  2. Supplies equal to Egyptian Expeditionary Force during Ramses II reign; Abigail follows

1 Samuel 25:23-31 (Abigail and David’s Encounter)

  1. Abigail pleas before David: “kill me if you kill anyone”
  2. 25:24-25 > Blames Nabal’s worthlessness
  3. 25:26-27 > Abigail pleas for David to accept the goods and not kill Nabal and his men > BLOODGUILT
  4. 25:28-31 > Abigail recounts God’s blessing on David…No need to kill b/c God has plan
  5. Rom. 12:9; Heb. 10:30 – Let God take revenge

1 Samuel 25:32-36 (David’s Reaction)

  1. Praises God for sending Abigail to him and Saving him from Bloodguilt
  2. Agrees to turn back and not take revenge! Huge Point! …Obedience to God in heat of moment!
  3. Accepts the goods and assures Abigail she will not be harmed
  4. Secures the Davidic Covenant! > God uses Abigail to cause David to obey rather react

1 Samuel 25:37-38  (Nabal’s Demise)

  1. Abigail approaches Nabal  when he is sober… DISCERNMENT
  2. Nabal turns to stone upon hearing… Heart attack, stroke, etc.
  3. 10 days later….God strikes Nabal dead


A. Abigail’s acceptance of situation

B. Abigail obedience to God in spite of a godless man ***

C. David’s obedience to God

D. God honoring obedience of a faithful wife to work His will in His time

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