Harvestfest Cancelled

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With Gov. Haley’s issuance of a State of Emergency for South Carolina, with every weather model indicating winds from 10-15 mph and gusts up to 30 mph, with potential rainfall amounts of anywhere from 3-12 inches and with flash flood warnings across the state through Monday, regrettably, the decision has been made to cancel HarvestFest ’15. I am asking each person and church to utilize whatever means available, i.e., emails, websites, Facebook, etc., to assist in broadcasting this announcement.

Furthermore, I want to express my heartfelt appreciation to the many individuals and churches who have demonstrated incredible steadfastness towards HarvestFest in the face of continuingly deteriorating conditions.

Last night I was totally amazed and inspired in that, with the potential of all that is listed above, high winds, torrential rainfall amounts, flash flood warnings, and on top of that, an unpredictable Cat 4 hurricane looming off the east coast, we had more churches and individuals out at our HarvestFest Prayer Time last night than any other night in our ten years of HarvestFest, churches from three different associations. This is a testimony to the commitment and faithfulness of the people of the churches of the Lakelands area of South Carolina. I was humbled and blessed by your faithfulness to the Lord and your support of the work of your association. And I greatly appreciate the leadership, from pastors to lay-leaders alike, who have demonstrated such incredible steadfastness and unity in the face of such incredible odds that were being stacked against us continuing with this event. While HarvestFest is now officially cancelled, the demonstration of your faithfulness and willingness to endure the impossible, will be a testimony to me and others for years to come.

May the Lord bless you and your church’s efforts to be found faithful to the cause of Christ until He comes.

May the Lord bless you and as you continue to serve the Lord with gladness…

David Little

Director of Missions


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