Day of Giving

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On Sunday, September 13th, our church will participate together in an event that we’ve entitled “ A Day of Giving.”  We’ve never done anything like this before here at North Side and are excited about this opportunity. We hope that this will become an annual event for our congregation and that all will participate at a level that is greater than you are currently giving.  The goal for this day is not a monetary goal, rather a spiritual one. It is a spiritual emphasis in the area of financial resources.  For some it will be an opportunity to give for the very first time.  For others it will be a sacrificial offering above the tithe.  But for all, it will be a coming together as a church family as we commit an additional amount of money for the work of the Kingdom of God within our local congregation.

In many cases when church members receive a letter like this it is usually more of a “catch up” type of letter because there is a lack of funds in the church budget. May I again say that this is not the intent of A Day of Giving.  The Elders have been discussing this for months and our heart is to lead people to be obedient and generous.  We know that The Lord is pleased when we walk by faith (Hebrews 11:6) and when we give from our hearts ( 2 Corinthians 9:7). For many, there is no other area in our lives where our faith needs to increase than in the area of finances.  

We understand that there is never an ideal time to be asked to give and most people won’t give unless they are lead to do so.  So we’re leading. And in so doing, we are asking each of you in our church family to follow by faith for the Glory of God.  How much you give is between you and God. We only ask  that whatever you do decide to give, you will do so from an attitude of gratefulness.  We are not setting a monetary target; we’re not even going to announce what was given.  We will celebrate the fact that you understand why this is important and that as a family member, you were willing to respond.

Please be in prayer for “A Day of Giving” by asking The Lord to prepare the hearts of His people here at North Side, for we truly are a blessed people.

Praise God from Whom all blessings flow,

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