New Schedule Starts This Wednesday

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After countless hours of study, discussion, prayer, and seeking the best direction for our church as a whole, we are leading forward with this adapted schedule that will start on August 19, 2015.  Look at the chart below.  The plan going forward makes the best use of every “prime time” slot we gather as a church.  Each gathering is intentional to develop disciples in light of the given ages.

If you were unable to pick up the magazine from the church, you can download it here.

Schedule Graphic


In these crucial, formative years, parents must instill in their preschooler a love for Jesus, the gospel, the Bible, and the world.  Our prayer is that the programming below will supplement that teaching.


On these nights, we are going to teach that the Bible is God’s Truth.  We will review Sunday’s story with different learning activities.  At this age, repetition is key for learning retention.  By doing this, the Word begins to take root in their minds and hearts.


We believe that children from 1-5th grade are at a crucial stage to LEARN the truths of the gospel and to receive the gift of salvation.  During this stage, they are also able to LEARN how to navigate through the Bible and to begin to utilize their gifts in the Body of Christ.


Known as Bible Drill in the past, we are still going to use this curriculum.  The name change allows us to include children who don’t actually desire to compete but they can learn how to navigate through the Bible.  These formative years are a gift since these children are able to comprehend a great amount of information.  This time will be a fun, interactive way to study and apply the Bible.


At this stage in life, many students have a love for Jesus and have learned his teachings.  The most crucial thing we can do for them is equip them to live for Jesus.  For teenagers, this is the key component.


In order to live out their faith, teenagers need biblical instruction in key areas.  These gatherings will serve to address those issues, go deeper in the Word, evangelize teenagers, and allow our teenagers a place to begin to use their spiritual gifts.


For family discipleship to truly take place, we must see adults who are willing to lead their families to follow Jesus.  Here’s how we can equip you.


We have made it as easy as we can for you to connect in a discipleship group.  You now have 4 options that include intentional childcare at every slot.  These aren’t fillers for your children – they are strategic and thorough.  If those don’t work, there are other groups that meet on almost every day of the week.  The missing link in your discipleship might be that group of people encouraging you to grow closer to Jesus (Heb. 10:24-25).


We now have two time options for NSU.  If your group meets on one evening, you could make it to NSU courses on the other evening.  All of these courses will help you lead others in discipleship.  The entire calendar is before you.  We would love for you to join us.


With this new schedule, we have also removed a huge obstacle for many of you who aren’t currently serving.  While God has always provided what we need as a church, we are currently in need of new volunteers to staff this schedule.  Every skill set and every time availability can be used.  We want you to find a place to plug in and use your gifts.  There is no substitution in the discipleship process for service to others.  You might even choose to serve in an area with your kids so you are together even more.  If you are interested in serving in one of these areas, please contact us.


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