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Recently, we have been made aware of a need amongst our missionary partners and other missionary families, and that is the need for housing when they are on furlough.  Currently, the closest houses to Greenwood are in the Belton, Anderson or Greenville areas and they must be booked well in advanced to secure a place.  Therefore, if they secure a house it is typically away from their hometowns and church families.   As these families have been on the field in some tough environments, what they need to feel are love and encouragement, but often they feel isolated and detached from their home church and families.  As the elders considered the need, we began to look at a resource that we currently have in the building behind the FLC.  Therefore, we have decided to turn it into a Mission House.  It will be available for missionary families on furlough from the mission field.  Typically they would be on furlough for 2-3 months.  During this time, they will be able to stay in the house, worship with their church family, and feel connected.  It would not just be used for the families that we currently partner with, but would be open to other missionary families as well based on availability. 

It has been some time since the “house” actually functioned as one.  It was most recently used as a counseling office, and was home to the office for Habitat for Humanity before that.  Therefore, some work needs to be done to convert it back into a livable space.  The main items that are needed are windows replaced, new flooring, new hot water heater, shower installed and associated plumbing, as well as a new HVAC unit and appliances.  Some of this work is already mapped out and to begin soon, but if you are a contractor that would like to donate some time or materials, please let us know.  You can contact Scott Davis at 554-6519, or

Another way that you, or your Discipleship Group, can get involved is through the adoption of a room.  Once the repair work is finished, the next step will be to paint, decorate, furnish, etc.  We are very grateful that the team of Sheryle Frederic, Connie Rentz and Donna Rowland have volunteered to help in the design and coordination of pulling the rooms together.   These ladies will be putting together the color schemes, furniture needs, etc. for each room in the house, and will be looking for others that will volunteer to help make it happen.  They are looking for people, or groups, that will volunteer to adopt a room through the donation of their time, funding, or both.  The need will be great in terms of furniture, TV, appliances, etc., but we know that our North Side family will be generous in helping to provide a place that will be a blessing to these missionary families.  For more information about how you can adopt a room, or donate to this cause, please contact Sheryle Frederic at, Connie Rentz at, or Donna Rowland at    

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