Missionary Update: South Asia

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This is an update from a Journeyman in South Asia, whom we are a prayer partner with. If you have questions about our global mission partnerships or would like to get involved, email Lacy Little at lacy@northsidebc.org.

“One thing I ask from the L0rd, this only do I seek: that I may dwell in the house of the L0rd all the days of my life, to gaze on the beauty of the L0rd and to seek Him in His Temple.”- Psalm 27:4


Me with one of the groups of ladies I d!sciple after a recent training. : )

ছুটি সময় (Vacation Time!!)

This past month has flown by! It was filled with reminders of His faithfulness, as well as reminders of the lost world we live in. Needless to say with all these reminders, forming a new routine, and traveling to the village a few times- I’m ready for some vacation! This month, I’ll be traveling until July 18th. Please ask for safe travels, as well as for continued reminders of Him!


One of the sweet ladies I get to meet with every month! : )

Ladies’ Accountability Time

At a recent training, I heard news of a new believer!!! One of the ladies who attends my d!scipleship training was able to share the Good News with her, and she believed! She’s now taken bapt!sm and has started to share the Good News with those around her– and some have started to come to ch*rch to hear more!!! Praise the L0rd!!!

Some other ladies shared about how they went to an unbeliever’s house for a time of pr@yer. They were expecting more families to come, but not many people were there, so they started to sing worship songs. These songs caught the attention of some people passing by who wanted to know what they were singing about. The ladies from my training then shared the Good News with them! The people who wanted to know about what they were singing now want to know more about Je5us!

**There are MANY stories of these ladies’ sharing the Good News, and almost all the time, those they share respond in a positive way!**


Another lady from one of my d!scipleship trainings- so servant hearted!

South Asian Retreat!

The L0rd has blessed us with an opportunity to go to another country and meet up with other co-workers from different areas of South Asia for an incredible time where we study the Word together, and have a wonderful time of fellowship together! Please be asking for this time to be a time of encouragement for all of us, as well as glorifying to the Father.


Celebrating one of my roommate’s birthdays! Happy Birthday, Tami! : )

What’s New with YOU?!?

What’s G0d taught you recently?
How can I be pr@ying for YOU?? What’s your favorite B!ble verse??

Monsoon season's made traveling to remote locations a bit more interesting! Always an adventure. : )

Monsoon season’s made traveling to remote locations a bit more interesting! Always an adventure. : )


  • New sister in Chr!st!!
  • New routine coming together since supervisor’s left
  • Safe travels to and from village
  • L0rd’s constant provision!
  • Opportunities He provides to share Good News
  • Trainings continuing to go well!

Pr@yer Requests:

  • New believer’s faith in our L0rd to grow and mature
  • Safe travel to and from retreat
  • Retreat to be refreshing/glorifying to G0d
  • Those partaking in R@madan
  • Ladies I d!sciple to continue to be obedient and share!
  • Leaders to rise up from my trainings and start to teach d!scipleship trainings themselves!
  • My intentionality in sharing while I travel

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