Missionary Update – Mozambique

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This is an update from our missionary family in Mozambique. If you have questions about our global mission partnerships or would like to get involved, email Jeff Lethco at jeff@northsidebc.org.


Since our last update we have had so many new things happen.
Buddy had his 1st Christmas, SweetP turned 3 and Buddy turned 1. We
all spent our 1st Christmas in Mozi and it turned out great. We had a
wonderful day spending time with our journeygirls. We are very sad that
they have moved now and we will miss them greatly. We all traveled to
Zambia to work and do ministry for 3 weeks, then we spent a few days in
Jo’Burg for some R&R and to get doctor check ups for the kids. Taylor
and I have separate teachers and actually have new teachers this time
around. We are thankful for this time to learn language and are ready to
learn more so that we can share the gospel with the people here.

During our time in Zambia we learned so much about culture and
the life of Africans. It was an amazing time talking with people in our heart
language (English) or using a translator. We were able to share the
gospel a lot and we actually have a new brother and sister in Christ,
Praise Him! It was wonderful learning so much about the people that we
are living beside and with everyday. The part I was dreading the most
became my favorite part, living in the village. We actually lived with a
family in the village for almost a week and it was wonderful. Our kids
absolutely loved it (sorry not many pics because we didn’t have power to
charge Taylor’s phone).

Everyday we had certain assignments to to do and many questions
to ask people and a few of the days we decided to ask what they think is most important thing for us to know about African culture. A few of the
days we had different people tell us to learn their language. I knew it was
so important before coming here to learn people’s heart languages but
that really hit me. They also think it’s super important (even if they speak
English, in Zambia) for us to learn their language so we can be effective in
sharing the gospel to them. It was such a wonderful learning experience
for me and I’m thankful for this time. Please pray for us as we continue to
learn Portuguese so that we can share the gospel with people who have
never heard.

I’m not sure if you have heard but we have had many problems in
Moz during the last month because of a cyclone that hit (Madagascar and
Malawi too). Please continue to pray for this situation and for our
colleagues in the North. Many people have been affected by this and it’s
caused many people to be without power, food, shelter and clean water.

Thank you for praying and journeying with us to Africa. We have
had many new adventures and we are thankful to have friends and family
to pray with and for us. We covet your prayers! Please email us and let
us know how you’re doing and how we can pray for you.

Praise Reports:

*We have 1 new brother and 1 new sister in Christ in Zambia!
*We were able to share Christ with many people in Zambia, please
pray for these that seeds will continue to be planted.
*We had safe journeys to and from Zambia
*We didn’t forget all of our Portuguese

Prayer Requests:

*Continued language learning. This is our full time job right now
and we want to learn the language well and rapidly.
*Piper began preschool on Feb. 9. Please pray for her because it’s
all in Portuguese. So far she LOVES it!
*For the health of our family and colleagues. We have been hit with
many different skin problems since being here. We could really use
your prayers for this!
*For the people displaced by the floods in Moz.
*Pray for the people who lost all of their crops due to the cyclone. 1
of our guards and our nanny completely lost everything in their
fields which is devastating for their families.
*Pray for the rebuilding of the only north/south bridge in northern
Mozambique. Right now it is passable but not very safe as it
doesn’t have rails and it’s not finished.
*Pray for the many Moz people who are dying from Cholera
because of dirty water.


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