December 24 — Continuation Day

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            I think it would be helpful for us if we could come up with a different name for Christmas Day. Our culture has added so much to the event of Christmas that we get distracted from its meaning. We do not look at the day the way God does.

From God’s perspective, it was a step, albeit an important one, in His plan for mankind. Jesus had to come to earth in order to give His life. One thing led to another. We miss the scope of the plan if we look at Christmas as an event that comes once a year. Christmas has everyday and eternal impact.

I propose (with my tongue firmly placed in my cheek) that we call it “Continuation Day”. It wasn’t the beginning and it wasn’t the end. It was God working. He continues to work, drawing men to Himself. He will continue to work until He closes out time. Praise Him!

Merry Continuation Day!

“This very day in David’s town your Savior was born – Christ the Lord!”

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