November 27 — God’s Presence in the Present

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Read Psalm 119:11

After learning about the pillar of cloud and the pillar of fire, it is natural to wish that we had some sort of protection like the Israelites. Visible signs of God’s presence would be nice, but we have something that the children of Israel did not have – we have the Bible, the Word of God.

Early in the Old Testament, God spoke directly to people – Adam and Eve, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses. God spoke to them in a real, audible voice. They had no other way to know Him.

But God had Moses write down accounts of all the encounters. Gradually, people were able to read what God had done. They received His direction through the Law. They could reflect on how He had taken action and what He had said. They knew what He commanded them to do and they knew what He had prohibited them from doing. They knew a lot about how they were supposed to live. They learned to give sacrifices according to God’s instruction that demonstrated their faith in Him. Eventually, they knew about One who would come to bear punishment for all their sins.

The Rest of The Story

When Jesus came, God assigned men to write down everything He wanted us to know about His life and His teachings. We know a lot of the things that Jesus said and a lot of the things because they were written down and preserved for us. (In spite of deliberate attempts to destroy the Bible, it is still with us and it is available in more forms than ever before. That fact is a strong indication that there is a God – and He is interested in the welfare of His people.)

We take the Bible for granted, but it is God, His love, His will, His ways, His purposes, and His principles written down for us.

It is one form of His presence with us – and it is something that the Israelites did not have.

How would you describe the importance of the Bible? How would your actions describe the importance of the Bible?

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