Missionary Update: Ghana

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This is an update from the Hills, our missionary family in Ghana. If you have questions about our global mission partnerships or would like to get involved, email Lacy Little at lacy@northsidebc.org. 


We know, it has been forever since we sent an update. Our lives feel like they haven’t been still in quite a while. We left Ghana in July for a meeting in South Africa and stayed there while we awaited the arrival of Amos Scott Hill. He was born September 15th in Johannesburg – without the presence of the doctor. We blame you guys since we sent out an update asking you to pray for him the day before he was born. Not to worry, I (Scott) was there and I’ve seen it done once before so there was no reason to panic. He was healthy and the nurses were very helpful. I even let them deliver him, which left me with the real work of obtaining a visa for him to enter Ghana. Long story short, we were required to go to Senegal for a week in order to apply for the visa. Three weeks ago we made it back to Ghana after being gone for three months. We are settling into a new routine, finding new opportunities for ministry and managing insanely frequent power outages. We are incredibly excited about this next season. We plan to host family and volunteers over the next six months, and trust that it will be a time of refreshment and a time that the LORD will use to stir the hearts of people.

ScottMiss a Meal for the Mission

Our organization is challenging people to miss a meal for missions. Simply give up a meal and give the money you saved to global missions. You can do that by texting 4MISSION to 80888 or you can visit http://imb.org/meal. After you give, take a picture of your plate and post it on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Don’t forget to hashtag it, because let’s be honest if you don’t hashtag something, did it really happen? #FortheMission 100% of the funds will go to support the work of missionaries, like us!
We praise God for the gift of children. We are so thankful for good medical care and for a safe delivery. 

Prayer Request

  • For boldness in proclaiming the Gospel
  • For our upcoming volunteer team
  • For our family of FOUR!
  • For our team leaders in Niger
  • For our new IMB president, David Platt

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