Missionary Update: West Africa

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This is an update from our missionary family in West Africa. If you have questions about our global mission partnerships or would like to get involved, email Lacy Little at lacy@northsidebc.org.

Your Very Own News

Some news is so personal it can turn your life upside down.

I was sitting with my friend Billy* in his courtyard, shooting the breeze.  Billy has a gentle face and has been eager to learn about Jesus.  He’s attracted to the gospel but also feels the daily pull from his friends not to leave Islam.

“Why do you think people here are slow to listen to the stories about Jesus?” I asked him.

“Well, you have your religion, and we have ours here,” was his softly worded response.

You have your flavor, we have ours.  I began to pray.  How could I explain that deciding about God isn’t as simple as choosing an ice cream flavor for dessert?  That it’s a matter of fact, not of preference?

I looked around Billy’s yard.  It was nothing but a patch of dirt surrounded by a fence of scrawny sticks. To the side of the yard, a single black pot containing tonight’s dinner squatted over a smoking campfire.  Toward the back of the yard were two stumpy clay huts, each topped with a thatch roof.

Combined those huts were smaller than most storage sheds.  Yet they were my friend’s whole house for his growing family.

“You’re planning on building a bigger house, aren’t you?” I asked.

“Yes, I’m going to tear down these huts and build one bigger one,” he said proudly.

“Well, what if you were sitting in the middle of town with your friends, and I came running up to you from your courtyard to tell you that your house was on fire?” I asked.

“That would be terrible!” Billy said.

“So what would you do when you heard that news?” I asked him.

“I would run back to my house and try to put out the fire,” he responded.

“If your house burned down, that would make life really hard for you and your family.  But what if your friends who you were sitting with said, ‘Don’t believe it, your house isn’t burning down.  Stay here with us.’  You would have to decide whether I was telling you the truth or not,” I reasoned.

Billy nodded along.

“But if the news I was telling you were true, then your house is on fire regardless of whether or not you believe it.  Your friends who are sitting with you in town tell you not to believe it, but it’s not their house that will be destroyed.  It’s yours.”

“Yeah,” said Billy, “I would run back to my house to be ready to put out the fire.”

“Well, the news of Jesus is kind of like that.  He really rose from the dead.  It doesn’t matter whether your friends believe it or not.  What matters is whether it’s true.  And if it is…”

“Then he can save us and give us life forever,” Billy finished my thought with a smile.

Thank you for joining us in this mission!!

*Name changed.


Villagers who were impacted by our summer missionaries were eager to hear stories from a follow-up team!


A volunteer gives milk to a starving infant using a medicine dropper during one of our Tuesday-Friday clinics.


A volunteer shares the gospel. Everywhere they went people wanted to hear stories about Jesus.


Our kids playing Headbanz during a family game night.


  • For a great short term team that was ready to share stories about Jesus
  • For provision of formula and supplies for our bi-weekly clinics
  • For our kids, who are learning and growing so fast
  • For the safe return of our colleagues to their home with a new baby!
  • For the new kittens, Cinderella and Sanchez, who will help us catch our mice.

Prayer Requests

  • For “G” who is traveling to Benin to lead conferences on sharing Jesus
  • For “L” and the kids while “G” is away
  • For the thief who stole money from “G’s” bag as he was purchasing formula last week
  • For those who are hearing the good news in our town and the villages
  • For a time and means to take a vacation


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