November 10 — The Contributions

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Read Exodus 25:1-9

After God reveals His covenant with Israel to Moses, He then gives the instructions to build a place for His presence to dwell among them.  This is not a box to contain God, but merely a place where by His specific instructions the people of Israel will meet with the Most High God.  Before showing the exact way the tabernacle must be built, God first tells Moses to ask the people to contribute the materials needed in order to build it.  They are in the wilderness with nothing around them, yet God asks them built a meeting place for Him. He is also very specific about what He expects: precious jewels, fine linen, gold, silver, and bronze. God asks His people to give of the best that they have in order to build His tabernacle.

Previously Gifted

Remember who we’re talking about here. The Israelites had just left Egypt where they had lived – as slaves! They really weren’t a rich nation. So how could God ask them to give up so much gold, silver, bronze, jewels, and fine cloth? Because God gave it to them. After the ten plagues in Egypt, as the Israelites left they were given these things by the Egyptians. Israel plundered a vulnerable Egypt when it had been devastated by the power of God. He allowed Israel to acquire the wealth He was now asking them to donate. The tabernacle that would be built from these donations was designed to bring glory to God. God has blessed each of us with our wealth, whatever that may be, but He also asks us to give a portion of it back to Him. Our tithes and offerings are then used to build His kingdom, spreading the Gospel, and ultimately bringing glory back to God.

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