Missionary Update: South Asia

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This is an update from a Journeyman in South Asia, whom we are a prayer partner with. If you have questions about our global mission partnerships or would like to get involved, email Lacy Little at lacy@northsidebc.org.

Eid Mubarak! (Blessed Eid)

Korbani Eid
Eid Mubarak was a greeting we heard countless times during the first week of this month. It was said during a time of sacrifice in my country, where many animal sacrifices were made to celebrate Allah providing a ram for Abraham not to sacrifice Ishmael. Many of the local people here do not know much about why they partake in this holiday. If a family has money, they are expected to buy an animal to sacrifice (most often a cow, or goat- sometimes a camel.)

A Time for Invitations
South Asians are incredibly hospitable. We were invited to many different homes during this holiday, regardless of if we knew someone previously. While we were on the way to one friend’s home, we got invited to another home- though that invitation also included a marriage proposal haha. We were served dish after dish until we physically could not eat any more. We loved being able to spend time with new South Asian friends, and share about the Final Sacrifice!

Ladies’ Accountability Time

One lady shared the Good News with some of her neighbors, who are now new brothers and sisters (PTL) and has started having a Bible study with them!

Another lady, who recently moved to the village, met a family on a boat and shared with them. After sharing, she was asked to go to their house later and share more! Being new to the village however, she did not know where they lived, and was unable to ask before they got off the boat. She later saw the same family at the market, and was asked why she never came to their house to share more! She now knows where they live- please pray for her as she continues to share with them.

Abar Dekha Hobe (See You Later)

Americay Giyechilo (She went to America)
My partner Nora is now officially back home! While our time only overlapped for about 6 months, I’m so grateful for the time we were able to spend together. She was able to show me the ropes on trips to the village, as well as life in general here in South Asia. Several of y’all have asked how not having a partner will affect my ministry, the good news is that IT WON’T! I’m so thankful for how God has provided for me. I came to South Asia with two other amazing ladies who I live with, but who will rotate in going to the village with me!


  • Families who heard the Good News recently
  • Relationships with new friends
  • Partner back safely in America
  • Language learning- slowly but surely understanding more! : )
  • Bible studies going well!

Prayer Requests:

  • Against loneliness now that my partner’s left
  • Relationships with families we’ve befriended to continue to grow
  • Bible studies- those attending, and my leadership
  • As always, language!
  • Boldness/opportunities to share the Good News
  • Trip to village


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