The Futility of Accumulation

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October 22 – The Futility of Accumulation

Read Luke 12:16-21

After warning that greed is a poor way to evaluate the worth of a life, Jesus told a parable to illustrate the truth. In the story, a rich man had a farm with good soil and the knowledge and ability to grow robust crops. He was so successful that he ran out of storage room.

At that point, the rich man had many choices. He could have established his own university to teach others how to farm successfully. He could have founded a bank or a co-op of some type and invested in his community. He could have simply given away some of his surplus. He chose not to do any of those things.

He decided instead to tear down his barns and build bigger ones to hold the fruits of his labor. He made his plans, sat back and said to himself, “I’ve got it made. It’s party time!”

The “Here and Now” vs. the “There and Then”

God had a message for the rich man – “You fool! You will die this very night. Then, who will get everything you worked for? (Verse 20)”

The problem was not that the man was a farmer or even that he was a rich farmer. The problem was that the man had focused all his attention on his present life and none on his eternal life. Put another way, he had planned for his life before death, but ignored his life after death.

Matt Chandler, the lead pastor of Teaching at The Village Church in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, put it this way: “Everything you own right now is in the process of moving toward the garage sale and on into the dump.” There’s nothing wrong with saving and storing in this life, but me must save and store for our eternal life as well.

How did the rich man’s heart, affected by greed and covetousness, affect his decision?

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