Consequences of Sin, Part 2

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October 8 – Consequences of Sin, Part 2

Read Joshua 7:10-26 

            In the sixth chapter of Joshua, the children of Israel defeated Jericho. God had given them very specific instructions about how to conquer the city – for six days, they were to march around the city one time. On the seventh day, they were to march around the city seven times. Then, on Joshua’s command, they were to shout and then rush the city. They followed instructions, the walls of Jericho fell, and the children of Israel won a great victory.

Well, except for one thing – Joshua had told the people not to take any silver or gold. Everything inside the city was to be dedicated to the Lord. Apparently, all of the Israelites except one obeyed the instructions. A man named Achan carried off some of the loot and hid it in his tent.

Disobedience Causes Death

Very soon after, Joshua chose the city of Ai as the next conquest. He sent some scouts to look over the situation. The scouts came back and said, “Look, just send a couple thousand men to conquer Ai. No need to send the whole army — we got this.”

Joshua listened to his scouts and sent three thousand men – who were routed by the men of Ai. Joshua was overwhelmed and prayed for understanding. God told him, “Israel has sinned! Someone took some of the devoted things from Jericho.” The whole nation suffered because of one man’s sin.

Under God’s direction, Joshua went through the whole nation and discovered Achan’s sin. Joshua led all the Israelites in taking Achan, his family, all his belongings, and everything he had stolen, and destroying them all.

The punishment seems harsh to us, but Achan had violated specific instructions. Israelites had died because of Achan. His sin had serious consequences. Justice called for drastic measures.

Like someone dying on a cross.

Stealing is a sin and sin always brings death maybe not physical death, but certainly spiritual death. How seriously do you think about sin in your life?

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