The Holiness Aspect

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October 1 – The Holiness Aspect

Read 1 Corinthians 6:12-20 

            In Exodus 19:5-6, God told Moses that the Israelites were to be unique among the peoples of the world. They were to be His “treasured possession among all peoples,” “a kingdom of priests and a holy nation.” He gave the Ten Commandments so that His people would live differently from other tribes and nations. Their behavior was to be so unique that it would be noticeable. God would be glorified by His people living according to His ways and teachings.

Paul had a similar message for the Corinthian Christians. Like the Israelites, they lived in a world in which most people lived according to what they thought was right and what felt good to them. Christians had to behave differently in order to please God and to give Him renown. 

What You Do with Your Body Matters

Some of the Corinthian believers tried to justify immoral behavior by arguing that they were free in Christ. Paul fired back, “You are free, but not everything you can do is good or right. You are free to do good things and not be slaves to bad things.”

There were a lot of prostitutes in Corinth because the temple of the love goddess Aphrodite was there. Paul said it was wrong to join something that belonged to the Lord, the body of the believer, to a false entity. What a person does with his body is important.

Paul closed his teaching by telling the Corinthians that they shouldn’t give themselves away for a cheap thrill because they had been bought at a high price – the body and blood of Jesus.

The Corinthian Christians needed to be holy like the Israelites needed to be holy. They needed to be different so that the world could see the greatness and wisdom of God.

How is our holiness affected by our sexual behavior?

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