No Adultery

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September 29 – No Adultery

Read Exodus 20:14 

            I have a car. When I drive my car in a lawful, considerate way, it is of no danger to me or anyone else. When I stay in my lane, observe the speed limits, and watch out for other drivers, my car is helpful and beneficial to me.

If, for some reason, I decided one day to drive my car recklessly, weaving in and out of traffic, exceeding the speed limits, and acting as if I was the only driver on the road, I would be a danger to myself and to other people.

It is not a perfect analogy, but what the Bible teaches about sex is similar. When it is used as God created it to be used – in a relationship sealed in marriage between a man and a woman, it is a powerful and wonderful thing. When it is not used according to godly principles, however, its power is dangerous and destructive. 


            Adultery is a sexual relationship between two people in which one or both of the people are married to someone else. Fornication is a sexual relationship between two people, neither of whom is married. Both violate the Seventh Commandment.

I like J.I. Packer’s summary of the implications of the commandment against adultery, “But what the words ‘you shall not commit adultery’ call us to face is, first, that sex is for marriage, and for marriage only; second, that marriage must be seen as a relation of lifelong fidelity; third, that other people’s marriages must not be interfered with by sexual intrusion. One mark of maturity is to grasp these principles and live by them.”

In other words, a man and a woman committed to each other in a godly marriage not only help and enrich each other, they help and enrich the entire community.

How do couples committed to marital fidelity help and enrich the community?

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