The Provision of God

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God provides for His people…trust me. I’ve seen it first hand this summer.

10487228_10152515187922254_7417932852553082543_nI remember getting back to our village around 4 pm one Tuesday afternoon. I had just helped with the health clinic that Greg and Laura put on every Tuesday and Friday at their house. After Greg and I pulled up to our compound in the village, we went out to look for Addison and Gabe so that we could join them as they shared with some of the men in the village. We began walking down one of the beaten, dirt roads. This road was usually filled with more men than we can count, but on this day, we couldn’t find a single one.

“Where is everybody?” I remember asking Greg.

“I have no idea. This is strange.”

As we began walking a little further, wondering if they had attended a funeral or party, we turned a corner on the road. Suddenly, at least 50 men all turned their heads to look at us. Usually, we would hear more greetings than we would be able to respond to.

“Ali, how is your tiredness? How is your wellness?”

“Greg, good afternoon! How is your family? Will you give us your truck?”

But this time, no one said a word to us. After a few seconds we realized what they were doing. All the men in the village had gathered together to pray. They were reading from the Qu’ran, chanting things in Arabic that they had no idea what they meant, and rubbing their prayer beads. DSC00195Finally, the chief of the village looked up and told Greg that all the men had gathered to pray for rain for their crops, so that they will continue to grow well before Ramadan started. We told them also that we would pray for them, and pray that God would send rain, because they truly did need it. But I remember walking away from their thinking, “There is no way it can rain tonight, not after they have asked Allah for it. They would believe even more that Allah is the one true God!” And besides, it hadn’t rained in almost two weeks, it probably wouldn’t rain again that night anyway!

Later that night as Gabe and Addison and I were finishing up supper and enjoying the cool weather before bed, we see flashes of lightning in the distance. It got closer and closer to us. And suddenly, almost out of nowhere, the bottom falls out of the sky. Rain…so much rain filled our compound that night. So much rain filled the village and the farms. I couldn’t help but remember Greg and I walking past our friends in the village praying to Allah for rain earlier that day. Why? Why would God allow it to rain tonight when they are asking Allah for it instead of recognizing that God is the one true God! In no way do they acknowledge His love and grace for us through the life, death, and resurrection of Christ Jesus!

And so I remember sitting there, feeling a little bit angry. This rain seemed to be fuel to the deceptive stronghold in our village. But then, it was clear to me…my neighbors and my Hausa friends are God’s people too, whether they choose to believe and accept it or not. 995081_10203226208075112_362175094205549247_nHe created them. He knows them by name. He knows the number of hairs on their heads, He knew them before they were born. He loves them. Why wouldn’t He provide for their needs…are they not His creation, made in His image? Our God is not a God to just leave someone hanging, to leave someone helpless without the things that they needed. And on this night, God chose to provide our village and our neighbors with rain. And I’m glad He did, because they needed it.

Our God is a God of provision. He is faithful to us, even when we are without faith. In the same way that He sustained our team the whole summer, and sustains us even today, He does the same for the Hausa people. As He has His hand over us, He also has His hand over them too. And I’m glad He does. I think of it this way…God continues to provide for the needs of the Hausa. This gives us even more time to go to them with the Gospel. It allows us to continue to invest our time, our finances, our prayer, and our lives in seeing the saving power of Jesus Christ being taken to the Hausa people.

Lee Salisbury


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