Maintaining a Relationship

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August 20 – Maintaining a Relationship

Read John 14:15-16 

            God did not choose Abraham to be the father of the nation of Israel because Abraham was good. Abraham became the father of the Israelites because God is good and God chose him.

God did not choose Israel to be a blessing to the whole world because Israel was good. God chose Israel because He is good and it pleased Him to choose Israel.

God gave the Ten Commandments to make the Israelites a unique nation in the world. They were unique because of their relationship with God. The Ten Commandments served to give direction to the Israelites on maintaining a relationship with God.

Faithful to One 

            In thinking about the First Command to “have no other gods but Me,” God was calling the Israelites to an exclusive relationship. They were not to worship other gods. They were not to give authority to other teachings. They were not to give affection or allegiance to other gods.

The first step in maintaining the relationship that God had established by His choice was to remain exclusively faithful to Him. The same call is given to the church as the bride of Christ – to be faithful to Him. When properly understood, marriage is an illustration of the relationship between Christ and His people.

We are accustomed to hearing grace used in connection with the relationship between a Christian believer and Jesus. Grace was just as much in evidence in the relationship between the Israelites and God at the time when Moses was given the Ten Commandments. The Commands can be seen as directives to maintaining the grace relationship that God established. 

            How does grace apply when thinking about God and the children of Israel?


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