Accomplishing His Purpose

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One evening, Gabe had gone to work at the medical clinic at the Sharpes’ house. Lee and I had gone out into the village to share Bible stories through our book and tape presentations. 10565199_10203226240155914_1966630285042934091_nWe weren’t seeing any interest from the men in our stories. We were mentally and physically exhausted. It was beginning to get dark so we walked back across the village to our hut to cook supper. On the menu was beans and rice that we purchased in the village. We quickly discovered the beans had bugs all in them. We were too hungry to care.

“Its boiled so it will be fine, right?” I asked.

Our meal had no flavor so we decided to put some taco seasoning in it. The seasoning made it taste worse. As were forcing the “food” down, our friend, Lawoli walked up. He was not very tall, very thin, and had beady eyes and big smile. He typically showed up around dusk every evening. He didn’t say hello or go through the usual Hausa greetings. Instead he wanted to know where our stories were. 10599425_10203226204595025_5609425932325914921_nWe told him they were inside the hut. He disappeared into our hut looking for them and we decided to choke down some more bug infested beans and then go through the story with him. Before we could finish eating he reappeared with the tape player and book in hand. He sat down in front of us and began going through the story by himself. A few minutes later, an old, toothless man named Toure came and sat down with him and listened. Lee and I looked at each other in disbelief.

In that moment we both realized that God was working in our village regardless of what we could do, what we could say, or even what we could see. 10570454_10203226173354244_2282573790923163334_nHe was going to accomplish His purposes in that place and nothing could stop Him. It was a beautiful display of God’s grace in our lives as well as in the lives of our friends. God knew our hearts were weary and orchestrated this interaction at exactly the right time to remind us that He was there with us. For our friends, He was slowly revealing Himself to them even though they were not even acknowledging Him, much less seeking Him. Who is like our God!

Addison Ridgeway



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    Thank you for encouragement to me through “your stories”!

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