Person to Person

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August 19 – Person to Person

Read Exodus 20:2-3 

            I was born in South Carolina and, therefore, I am a South Carolinian. I have certain rights because I am a citizen of South Carolina and I have certain responsibilities because I am a citizen of South Carolina. I am subject to South Carolina’s laws. I enjoy many things about South Carolina.

I do not, however, have a personal relationship with the state of South Carolina. I do not call South Carolina when I am having a bad day. I do not go out to eat with South Carolina.

Although there are people in South Carolina with whom I have relationships, I do not have a personal relationship with South Carolina. When referring to the state, I might say something like, “It’s a great state.” It is a thing – not a person.

You and me 

            Notice what God said – “I am the Lord your God…you must not have any other god but me.” God used I, you and me – all personal pronouns. Belief in Jehovah God and His Son Jesus is not approval of and adherence to a set of principles. It is a relationship with a personal God.

Relationships are characterized by interaction, give and take, communication, and sharing. God was calling and instructing the children of Israel to have a relationship with Him. Yes, there were things He wanted them to do and things He didn’t want them to do, but they grew out of a deep regard and respect for Him.

I abide by the laws of South Carolina. I talk to God.


            What difference does it make to consider the Ten Commandments in light of a relationship with a personal God?

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