A Meeting with the Almighty

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August 8 – A Meeting with the Almighty
Read Exodus 19:16-25

A few months ago, we had an earthquake in our area. It was a very strange experience. Everything shook. It did not affect our area a lot, but nearly everyone can tell you what they were doing when the earthquake hit.

An earthquake is a unique experience. A part of the experience is mentally going through a checklist as to what it could be and then realizing, “Whatever that was is not in my catalogue of experiences.”

Imagine the children of Israel standing at the bottom of Mount Sinai and seeing what they saw – lightning flashes and dense fog. They heard thunder roaring and, at one point, a long, loud blast from a ram’s horn. The mountain was covered with smoke and shook violently. Scripture says that the people trembled.

There are probably no words in the Bible that are truer.

Another Warning

After calling Moses to the top of the mountain, God told him to go back down and tell the people again not to cross the boundaries. It was not safe for the people to approach God. When God said twice that he people, including the priests, needed to be careful so that the Lord would not “break out and destroy them,” the point is made. God does not tolerate disobedience or impurity.

To jump a long way ahead in God’s story, there is quite a contrast between the restrictions that God had about the people coming before Him at Mount Sinai and the way believers can come to God through Jesus – “ Because of Christ and our faith in Him, we can now come boldly and confidently into God’s presence (Eph. 3:12).”

We can come to God in Christ with great joy, knowing that God sees the holiness of Jesus when He looks at us.

What does God’s demonstration of holiness and power at Mount Sinai teach us about His character and Christ’s sacrifice?

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