Preparation at Sinai

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Preparation at Sinai

August 4 – Arrival at a Significant Place
Read Exodus 19:1-2

God had delivered the children of Israel from their captivity in Egypt. He had fought for them when the Egyptians had given chase and almost caught up to them at the Red Sea. He had miraculously provided for all of their needs as they traveled. Through Jethro, He had shown Moses a more effective way to govern the people.

Those things and more had all happened in 2 months! (According to my study Bible, the Hebrew of verse 1 reads, “In the third month after the Israelites left Egypt, on that very day”. In other words, on the first day at the beginning of the third month.) The Israelites had been free for a grand total of 8 weeks and they had seen mighty miracles of God. They had been given an advanced course in the greatness and strength of God and the course was definitely specialized and intense – it lasted 8 weeks. (Not even a semester!)

After 8 weeks, they were ready for the next step in their development as God’s people. God had led them through the wilderness to a sacred place in His story, a place where important things had happened and would happen. He had led them to Mt. Sinai.

Holy Ground

The place must have looked very familiar to Moses. Some time before, he had been tending the sheep of his father-in-law Jethro. He led the sheep into the wilderness and came to Sinai. It was there he saw the burning bush and received the call of God. The entire Exodus experience for Moses had started at Sinai.

When we are adopted into God’s family and born spiritually, He begins leading us. The journey may be long, winding, and difficult, but He leads us every step of the way. Sometimes, He leads us places to strengthen our faith in Him. Sometimes, He leads us places to give us comfort and peace. Sometimes, He leads us places so that we can do specific things He has set aside for us.

God always leads us.

There’s an old hymn that says, “He leadeth me, O blessed thought, Oh, words with heavenly comfort fraught.” Do you find it comforting to know that God is always leading?

Why or why not?

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