Men’s Ministry Breakfast

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An Interview with Dennis Aliffi about Men’s Ministry Breakfast

By: John McFadden and Dennis Aliffi

How did you get involved in the Men’s Ministry?
About 4 years ago I attended a Lakelands Baptist Associational Men’s Rally with a few of the guys in our C-Group. It was a Friday night and Saturday morning event. It was a great experience seeing guys get together for fellowship, enjoying a good meal, and then hearing about what God is doing or has done in the speaker’s life. The speaker for the event was Neil Jeffreys. He spoke about his struggles with stuttering during his childhood and trying to overcome this during his football career.

On the drive home Friday night, I made a comment to the guys in our C-Group that someone needed to revive the Men’s Ministry at North Side. The next morning at the end of the rally, I again thought, “someone really needs to revive the Men’s Ministry.” That’s when the Holy Spirit, in a quiet voice said, “Why don’t you start it up? What’s stopping you?” So I prayed about it. I also talked with Jeff and Ken and decided to go for it. Anyone who know me understands that I am not a good conversationalist and do not speak well in groups. Therefore, this was a huge challenge for me, but it has also been a blessing.

What happens at Men’s Ministry Breakfast? Who cooks?
There are several guys from our church that come in from 6am-7am to set up and prepare the food. Others arrive around 7:30am to fellowship until around 8am. We usually spend about
20 minutes on fellowship and eating. The speaker for the day will spend about 15-30 minutes giving his testimony or a devotional. Generally whatever the Holy Spirit lays on his/her heart to speak about. We have had two women speakers so far with the most recent being the chaplain from McCormick prison.

How many men usually attend?
We have been averaging around 25-35 men each month, which is larger than when we first started. There used to be about 20 men in attendance.

Who has spoken at the breakfast?
I’m not even going to try to name all the speakers we have had because there have been many. We continue to have men from all walks of life and at different levels in their Christian walk.

What was one particularly powerful breakfast?
To me they are all powerful in their own unique way. There was one guy in particular that I will never forget. His name is Scottie. He showed up at the church one Sunday and was sitting in the Coffee Shop alone. I noticed him right away by the way he was dressed: long beard, leather motorcycle jacket, jeans, and motorcycle boots. I introduced myself and started talking with him. He gave me a very short version of his life, and I wanted to hear more, so I asked him to share his story at our next Men’s Breakfast. He agreed and I was blown away by all that he had been through. I can’t begin to tell you how insignificant and small my problems and struggles seemed as I listened to him give details of his gut-wrenching struggles and trials during his life. Some of which were life-threatening. Scottie and all the speakers we have had remind me of just how blessed I am.

What kind of ministry projects has the Men’s Ministry done?
Some of the projects that we have helped with include remodeling at Camp Epworth on 3 different occasions. We have also helped build a few handicap ramps. We have done yard work and made repairs for people who could not afford the cost of labor. We have also done security work for the Women’s Ministry events and HarvestFest.

If you could tell men at North Side one thing about Men’s Ministry, what would you tell them?
The Men’s Ministry here at North Side is a great experience to meet other people for the purpose of growing relationships, fellowship, enjoying a good meal, and hearing how God is working in someone’s life. Doing ministry projects alongside other Christian men is just an added bonus; another blessing!

All men at North Side are encouraged to attend the Men’s Ministry Breakfast. They meet on the first Saturday of every month in the Fellowship Hall at 7:30am.

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