God’s Gift

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Read Exodus 16:21-36.

The people did exactly as they were told. They picked a day’s portion of the manna each day. On the sixth day, they picked twice as much. The double portion did not spoil. They had enough for the sixth and seventh days with no problem. The process and the results apparently mystified the people.

They went to Moses for an explanation. Moses went through it again, “On the sixth day, collect a double portion and prepare as much as you want. What you have left will last you through the Sabbath. There won’t be any manna on the ground on the Sabbath – that is a day of rest and dedication to the Lord.”

Most of the people did exactly as instructed. Their needs were met. A few people had to make sure of the process. They went out on the Sabbath looking for manna. There was none.

God was not pleased with them. He asked Moses, “How long will these people refuse to obey commands and instructions? They are missing the point – the Sabbath is my gift to you. Rest and refocus.” The people apparently got the message and stopped going out on the Sabbath.

Commanded to Remember

Before the Passover, God gave instructions for the Israelites to commemorate the occasion every year. He did not want them to forget how He had delivered them from bondage and slavery.

He gave a similar command about the manna. God told Moses to fill a container with it. Moses gave the order to Aaron. Aaron did as he was told. The container of manna was eventually put in the Ark of the Covenant along with the tablets on which the Ten Commandments were inscribed – the most sacred symbols of God’s relationship with the children of Israel.

God instituted the Passover celebration so that the Israelites would remember how He had delivered them. He wanted them preserve some manna so that they would remember how He had provided for them.

What is the value of remembering past experiences with God?

How do they help us endure trials?

Exodus Devotional

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