What Kind of People Should We Be?

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We began our services by singing “Sing to the King” and “We Rejoice.”  After a video recap of “Knowing Jesus,” I encouraged folks to put the event on their calendars and help us get the word out!

After that, we sang the first song written for “Knowing Jesus” – “It Is Finished” and then sang “In Christ Alone.”  As Jeff came up on stage, I looked at John and said, “I’m so thankful – our people have learned how to sing!”  It’s a powerful thing when you start a song and the church family just gets after it.  They were singing louder than the band!

Jeff’s message was great.  This was the final passage from 2 Peter, but we are going to do a FAQ sermon next week from this book.  You still have time to email one of us and get your question submitted.

After the message, we sang a new song that I have grown to love entitled, “All I Have is Christ.”  Such a powerful declaration of the gospel!

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