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We live in a time where it is hard to watch over your children.  No matter what stage of parenting you are in right now, every parent has concern over his or her children.

Have you ever wished someone would teach you practically how to lead and love your children while keeping them from temptation?  We want to help.

On Wednesday evening, November 13, North Side is conducting an event entitled Practical Parenting. We are excited about this opportunity and hope that you make plans to come. We will cancel all ADULT programming (C-Groups, Bible study, Choir, Prayer meeting, Praise band rehearsal) in order for you guys to participate in this training.Nursery is provided and children will have a specific activity scheduled so they are cared for and our regularly scheduled volunteers are able to attend this event. ThePEAK for students will be on a regular schedule over in the FLC.

The schedule for the evening will be as follows:

  • 6:00-6:15: Welcome, introduction of evening, prayer, song (Will meet in Worship Center)
  • 6:20-7:00: Session 1- Choose from one of the 6 offerings listed below (Room LocationsTBA)
  • 7:05-7:45: Session 2- Choose from one of the 6 offerings below (Room Locations TBA)

Sessions that will be offered:

1. Understanding family roles through the lens of Scripture:

Looking at what Scripture teaches each family member about relating to each other.

Session Leader: John McFadden

2. Seasons of Parenting: Understanding and learning practical steps of parenting through the various ages and stages of your children. 

Session Leader: Ken Petrus

3. Shedding light on homosexuality: Executive Director of Hope for Wholeness shares past life experience of homosexuality, God’s transforming power, and answers any questions that you may have regarding same sex attractions and/or the lifestyle of homosexuality.

Session Leader: McKrae Game, guest speaker from Spartanburg

4. Kids and Technology: Understanding and protecting your kids in this ever changing world of technology

Session Leader: Travis Agnew

5. When addiction affects the family: Practical steps of identifying, confronting, and dealing with issues of addiction with a family member

Session Leader: Teresa Roy, guest speaker from Cornerstone

6. 10 things I’d do different as a dad if I could: Sharing life lessons and Biblical application learned from raising 4 kids

Session Leader: Jeff Lethco

Note: Each of the sessions will be offered for both session 1 and session 2. You will be able to choose 2 of the 6 sessions. Child care will be offered during the Practical Parenting event, but please make arrangements to pick children up immediately following session 2 since this is an extended period of time for our volunteers.

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