The Mission of Our Church Is to Make Disciples

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Jeff Preaching at KJ 2013

It can’t be said enough so I’ll say it again; “The mission of our church is to make disciples.”

Here at North Side we define a disciple as someone who loves Jesus Christ, is learning the values that he taught, is living life according to those values, and is leading others to do the same.”  So a disciple is someone who is loving, learning, living, and leading.

I am happy to say that from my chair, we are certainly being effective (by the grace of God) in the disciple making process.  Although there is always room to improve, and we must continue to improve, there is substantial evidence that we are indeed making disciples.

It is obvious to me that as a congregation we are exemplifying a deeper love for Jesus Christ.  I think this is a result of our deeper understanding of his love for us.  After all, we love him because he first loved us.  The more we understand his great love the greater our love for him will be.

It is also obvious to me that we are growing in our understanding of what Jesus taught.  Jesus taught values.  He called us from the kingdom of the world, with its’ values, and brought us into the kingdom of God.  The values of the kingdom of God are dramatically different than the values of the world.  A huge part of disciple making is helping people learn these new values and to understand that much of what the world values, God doesn’t value.  These kingdom values are being taught consistently throughout our church family and the family is coming to see and understand the values of God.

Even more important is the fact that people are actually adjusting their lives to these new values.  Or to put it another way, we are living our lives according to his values.  We are doing more than just intellectually understanding what Jesus taught,  we are changing how we live because of what he taught.  I see more and more of this as I listen to our members and as I watch them make decisions based on God’s word.

Perhaps the most telling sign of our growth in disciple making is the number of people that I am now aware of that are intentionally leading other people to love Jesus, learn what he taught, and live their lives accordingly. More of us are understanding that we have been led so that we can lead others.  I see people who are actually seeking out other people to help them grow in Christ and I see people who are taking the initiative to make themselves available to others in disciple making relations.

Yes, our mission is to “make disciples.”  And we are doing just that.  I’ve never felt better about a church and its’ focus than I do now.

Praise God from whom all blessings flow.

Jeff Lethco

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