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1305319805875So, you lost your job.  Now, what?

A great question that many people are being unexpectedly faced with in today’s economy. In these tough times, employers may have to take extreme measures to find more efficient ways of doing things…from the production floor to the sales office. It’s not personal…its business. Unfortunately, it does become personal when you are the person who no longer has a job. Here are a few tidbits of advice that may help you if you are faced with a sudden job loss…

  • Pray…seek the Lord…this is a time to strengthen you dependence on the Lord. Seek His provision, His guidance and His direction for your next steps.
  • Conserve…financially, you need to “hunker down”. Immediately stop spending on anything not absolutely necessary. Stop going out to eat. Get rid of the frills. Sell some stuff that you no longer use. Talk to your mortgage company and other creditors…let them know what is going on with you.
  • Build…the picture of yourself to present to others…that is a resume and a cover letter. The resume should be limited to two pages and highlight past accomplishments. Build a general resume, but be prepared to tailor it specific job postings as you apply for them.
  • Talk…to family, friends and neighbors. Let others know that you are unemployed and are seeking a job. Do not be ashamed. Others can help you by providing a lead and giving you a recommendation.
  • Listen…to others in conversations for possible job openings.
  • Seek…advice and wise counsel. For many, being unemployed is new. You may not be familiar with resume preparation or cover letter writing…seek help. This is no time to be bashful.
  • Develop…yourself. This is the time to develop yourself…maybe it’s that computer course that you have been meaning to take…maybe it’s a public speaking course…whatever it is, now is the time.
  • Prepare…yourself for the tough questions that may arise. Why did you leave your last employer? This may be a tough on for you. Be prepared to explain you answer.
  • Account…for your actions. Have someone hold you accountable during your journey. Make sure that you are diligently seeking employment.

Ken Petrus